How does retiree health insurance influence public sector employee saving?

TitleHow does retiree health insurance influence public sector employee saving?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsClark, R, Mitchell, OS
JournalJournal of health economics
KeywordsDemographics, Pensions, Public Policy, Retirement Planning and Satisfaction

Economic theory predicts that employer-provided retiree health insurance (RHI) benefits have a crowd-out effect on household wealth accumulation, not dissimilar to the effects reported elsewhere for employer pensions, Social Security, and Medicare. Nevertheless, we are unaware of any similar research on the impacts of retiree health insurance per se. Accordingly, the present paper utilizes a unique data file on respondents to the Health and Retirement Study, to explore how employer-provided retiree health insurance may influence net household wealth among public sector employees, where retiree healthcare benefits are still quite prevalent. Key findings include the following:


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Benefit/wealth tradeoff/Retiree health insurance/State and local employees/Federal employees/Retiree medical costs/retirement planning/Public Policy

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