The Effect of Community-Based Services on Functional Limitations of American Older Adults in Retirement Community

TitleThe Effect of Community-Based Services on Functional Limitations of American Older Adults in Retirement Community
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsPark, SJung, Kim, MHee
JournalKorea Social Welfare Research
KeywordsHealth Conditions and Status, Healthcare, Methodology, Public Policy

Being discussed among the various environmental factors for the year, with an independent discourse on successful aging, we examine the relationship between health and community services for the elderly using American study. The review is limited in most cases to be vulnerable older people to explore the relationship between the two previous studies, which focused on the effectiveness of many individual services. The present study was derived using the Health and Retirement Study (1998 2008) panel data, and the use of the service pattern of the individual review of the relevant health service use patterns and trends. In addition, the effect of the use of service resources and informal health services were analyzed with the factors that affect the relationship between health map. Was limited to senior living senior housing community with information about the service analysis, we used the daily living skills scores about healthy level and trend are (instrumental). Configured to use the pattern for the official services (housework, care, care, transportation, meals) in the community through the cluster analysis results did not use all the services a large number of elderly (group 1), in addition to using all of the services that the elderly could be classified as elderly (groups 3 and 4), although the nature (group 2), most of the details to use the service. Analysis of the relation of the health services through a growth curve model (Growth Curve Model) results, in the group compared to the group with all of the services that are not used at all, the service tends to be deteriorated health. But if you take advantage of the informal resources around them showed that mitigation is steep trend deteriorating health. The significance of that is then used to present the major reasons for this study is that no magazine to help in maintaining the health community service use, its extent. Suggests that informal, to study the effect of an integrated formal resources and medical necessity of the service area to review the impact of community service than what it.

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Community-based services/senior health/cluster analysis/Informal caregiving/Informal caregiving/community based services/functional limitations/health care policy

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