Word Recall: Cognitive Performance Within Internet Surveys.

TitleWord Recall: Cognitive Performance Within Internet Surveys.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsRunge, SK, Craig, BM, Jim, HS
JournalJMIR Ment Health
Date Published2015 Apr-Jun
ISSN Number2368-7959

BACKGROUND: The use of online surveys for data collection has increased exponentially, yet it is often unclear whether interview-based cognitive assessments (such as face-to-face or telephonic word recall tasks) can be adapted for use in application-based research settings.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the current study was to compare and characterize the results of online word recall tasks to those of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) and determine the feasibility and reliability of incorporating word recall tasks into application-based cognitive assessments.

METHODS: The results of the online immediate and delayed word recall assessment, included within the Women's Health and Valuation (WHV) study, were compared to the results of the immediate and delayed recall tasks of Waves 5-11 (2000-2012) of the HRS.

RESULTS: Performance on the WHV immediate and delayed tasks demonstrated strong concordance with performance on the HRS tasks (ρc=.79, 95% CI 0.67-0.91), despite significant differences between study populations (P<.001) and study design. Sociodemographic characteristics and self-reported memory demonstrated similar relationships with performance on both the HRS and WHV tasks.

CONCLUSIONS: The key finding of this study is that the HRS word recall tasks performed similarly when used as an online cognitive assessment in the WHV. Online administration of cognitive tests, which has the potential to significantly reduce participant and administrative burden, should be considered in future research studies and health assessments.

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cognition/online surveys/episodic memory/Health and Retirement Study/Women s Health Valuation Study

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