A Global View on the Effects of Work on Health in Later Life.

TitleA Global View on the Effects of Work on Health in Later Life.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsStaudinger, UM, Finkelstein, R, Calvo, E, Sivaramakrishnan, K
Volume56 Suppl 2
Date Published2016 Apr
ISSN Number1758-5341
KeywordsAged, Aging, Employment, Humans, Public Policy, Retirement, Socioeconomic factors

PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: Work is an important environment shaping the aging processes during the adult years. Therefore, the cumulative and acute effects of work characteristics on late-life health deserve great attention. Given that population aging has become a global trend with ensuing changes in labor markets around the world, increased attention is paid to investigating the effects of the timing of retirement around the world and the macroeconomic benefits often associated with delaying retirement. It will be essential for societies with aging populations to maintain productivity given an aging workforce and for individuals it will be crucial to add healthy and meaningful years rather than just years to their lives.

DESIGN AND METHODS: We first describe the available evidence about participation of older workers (65+) in the labor force in high, middle, and low-income countries. Second, we discuss the individual-level and societal influences that might govern labor-force participation of older adults. Thirdly, we review evidence on the association between work on the one and physical, mental, and cognitive health in later life on the other.

RESULTS AND IMPLICATIONS: Globally, both is true: work supports healthy aging and jeopordizes it. We draw implications for policymaking in terms of social protection, HR policies, and older employee employability.

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Late-life work
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