Psychosocial and Lifestyle Questionnaire 2006 - 2010: Documentation Report

TitlePsychosocial and Lifestyle Questionnaire 2006 - 2010: Documentation Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSmith, J, Fisher, GG, Ryan, LH, Clarke, PJ, House, J, Weir, DR
Date Published02/2013
InstitutionSurvey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan
CityAnn Arbor
KeywordsData collection, Meta-analyses, Psychosocial, Question Characteristics

In 2004, HRS piloted a new feature for data collection in the form of self-administered questionnaires that were left with respondents upon the completion of an in-person Core Interview. Since 2006, this mode of data collection has been utilized to obtain information about participants' evaluations of their life circumstances, subjective wellbeing, and lifestyle. This psychosocial information is obtained in each biennial wave from a rotating (random) 50% of the core panel participants who complete the enhanced face-to-face interview (EFTF). Longitudinal data will be available at four-year intervals: the 2010 wave provides the first longitudinal psychosocial data from the 2006 participants. Some longitudinal data is also available for the 2004 participants in subsequent waves. Electronic versions of the HRS Participant (Psychosocial) Lifestyle Questionnaires used in the 2004 pilot, and the 2006, 2008, and 2010 waves are available on the HRS website (Documentation/Questionnaires - scroll down to the end of the Biennial Content to Psychosocial - Section LB). Because the questionnaire was left with respondents at the end of the EFTF interview for them to complete and mail back to study offices, the questionnaire came to be known and is referred to on the HRS website as the LeaveBehind (LB). We use the terms Participant Lifestyle Questionnaire and Leave-Behind (or LB) in this report to refer to the self-administered psychosocial data collection.

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