Motoric cognitive risk syndrome and risk of mortality in older adults.

TitleMotoric cognitive risk syndrome and risk of mortality in older adults.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAyers, E, Verghese, J
JournalAlzheimers Dement
Date Published2016 May
ISSN Number1552-5279
KeywordsCognitive Ability, Dementia, Mortality, Motor processes

INTRODUCTION: Cognitive impairment is associated with increased mortality. We examined the association between motoric cognitive risk (MCR) syndrome, a predementia syndrome characterized by slow gait and cognitive complaints, and survival.

METHODS: A total of 11,867 nondemented participants aged >65 years from three established cohort studies in the United States and Europe were screened for MCR. Mortality risk of MCR was assessed with Cox and logistic regression models.

RESULTS: At baseline, 836 (7.0%) participants had MCR. Over a median follow-up of 28 months, 1603 participants died (758 in first 2 years). MCR was associated with increased mortality overall (adjusted hazard ratio, 1.69; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.46-1.96) and 2-year mortality (adjusted odds ratio, 1.89; 95% CI, 1.50-2.38). The association remained after accounting for established mortality risk factors as well as baseline gait speed and memory performance.

DISCUSSION: MCR is associated with increased mortality. Older adults should be screened for MCR to identify at-risk individuals for dementia and death.

Alternate JournalAlzheimers Dement
Citation Key8525
PubMed ID26545790