Aging with disability for midlife and older adults

TitleAging with disability for midlife and older adults
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsVerbrugge, LM, Latham, K, Clarke, PJ
JournalResearch on Aging
ISSN Number0164-0275
KeywordsDisabilities, Functional status

This analysis brings "aging with disability" into middle and older ages. We study U.S. adults ages 51+ and ages 65+ with persistent disability (physical, household management, personal care; physical limitations, instrumental activities of daily living [IADLs], activities of daily living [ADLs]), using Health and Retirement Study data. Two complementary approaches are used to identify persons with persistent disability, one based directly on observed data and the other on latent classes. Both approaches show that persistent disability is more common for persons ages 65+ than ages 51+ and more common for physical limitations than IADLs and ADLs. People with persistent disability have social and health disadvantages compared to people with other longitudinal experiences. The analysis integrates two research avenues, aging with disability and disability trajectories. It gives empirical heft to government efforts to make aging with disability an age-free (all ages) rather than age-targeted (children and youths) perspective.

Short TitleResearch on Aging
Citation Key9115