Social exclusion factors influencing life satisfaction among older adults

TitleSocial exclusion factors influencing life satisfaction among older adults
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLee, J, Cagle, JG
JournalJournal of Poverty and Social Justice
ISSN Number1759-8273
KeywordsDepressive symptoms, Life Satisfaction, Social capital, Social Support

This study aims to examine the relative impact of social exclusion factors on older adults' life satisfaction. This study conducted a cross-sectional analysis of psychosocial measures from the 2012 wave of the Health and Retirement Study (N=4,139). Results found that social exclusion factors indeed affect life satisfaction. Health had the strongest effect on life satisfaction. Good social relationships also positively affect life satisfaction. These findings call for considering multidimensionality of social exclusion in the future research. Researchers and practitioners could pay greater attention to social exclusion, ways to measure it, and its impact on life satisfaction through this study.

Short Titlej poverty soc justice
Citation Key9742