Intersectionality and Stratification in the Labor Market

TitleIntersectionality and Stratification in the Labor Market
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMoore, KK, Ghilarducci, T
JournalGenerations - Journal of the American Society on Aging
KeywordsEmployment and Labor Force, Racial/ethnic differences, Women and Minorities

Since the 1990s, women have made gains in education and work, but gender and racial stratification in health, work, and retirement create disparities in aging. This article explores the changing social and economic status of mature men, women, and women of color through a review of the health and aging literature, and analysis of the Health and Retirement Study. The article analyzes the ways women-black women in particular-are disadvantaged by racialized patriarchy, leading to strong dependence on government old-age programs.

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