2013 HRS Health Care and Nutrition Study (HCNS) Version 5.0

November 29, 2018

Version 5.0 of the 2013 HRS Health Care and Nutrition Study (HCNS) is now available. This version corrects an error in the nutrient totals associated with C9AG, Salt added. The nutrients associated with C9AG are: calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, zinc, copper, and manganese.

The HRS HCNS was based on the Harvard food frequency questionnaire originally proposed by Willett and colleagues, and these estimates of nutrient intake utilize the nutrient tables provided by the Harvard School of Public Health.

The main study contains questions about health care access, food purchases, food consumption and nutrition (including vitamins and other supplements).

The sample for the 2013 HCNS consists of all living HRS respondents who were not included in the 2013 Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS). In November 2013, questionnaires were mailed to a subsample of 12,418 HRS respondents. The field period ended in early May 2014.

For the HCNS Nutrient Totals data set we removed 38 respondents, as detailed in the data description, so the file contains data for 8035 respondents.