Cross-Wave Census Region/Division and Mobility File 1992-2014 Version 6.1

The Cross-Wave Census Region/Division and Respondent Mobility File 1992-2014 Version 6.1 public data release is now available.

The Cross-Wave Geographic Information: Respondent Region and Mobility data set (Version 6.1) replaces all previously released HRS region-level geographic information products. The new data set matches the current version of the tracker file (Tracker 2014)2. It has 38,183 records, which are uniquely identified by Household Identifier (HHID) and Person Number (PN).

This data set provides mobility and rural-urban information for all respondents and covers interview years 1992 through 2014. The file includes information on: Census region/division where respondent was born; region/division where the respondent lived when in school; region/division where the respondent was living at the time of interview; and urbanicity value (based on the Beale Rural-Urban Continuum) of the respondent's interview residence.

In previous versions of this data set, values for certain respondents were coded in an inconsistent fashion for the region/division locations where respondents were born and and where they lived when in school. These inconsistencies have now been corrected.

Note: Be sure to check the HRS File Merge Cross-Reference Table for up-to-date information on the restricted data merge status of this data set.

If you find any problems with the data, please report them to us via the Help Desk, or by e-mail to