HRS Linkage to Occupational Information Network Data (HRS-O*NET)

December 2, 2022

Two new data products, HRS-O*NET 5.0 and 10.0, from the Health and Retirement Study Linkage to Occupational Information Network Data (HRS-O*NET) are now available. These data products are part of a project to create linkages between the Occupational information Network Data (O*NET) and detailed Census occupational codes found in restricted access HRS data. The HRS-O*NET details occupational data for up to 463 unique 2010 Census occupational codes per HRS wave. It contains over 3,000 variables related to worker and occupational characteristics. The variables are distributed across nine datasets that are reflective of nine different O*NET dimensions: Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Interests, Work Values, Work Styles, Work Activities, Work Context, and Job Zones. Using the HRS “hhidpn” respondent identification variable, the HRS-O*NET datasets can be linked with any user-accessible HRS dataset at the respondent level.