RAND HRS Public Data Releases and Updates

April 20, 2023

Note: Questions regarding RAND HRS files should be directed to randhrshelp@rand.org.

  • The RAND HRS 2020 Fat File contains all of the raw variables collected at the respondent or household level, except those from “Other Person” sections, from the HRS 2020 Core data (Early V2.0). The RAND HRS Fat Files can be easily merged with one another and with the RAND HRS Longitudinal file. There is one file for each survey year. In addition, RAND HRS Fat Files were updated for the years 2016 and 2018.

  • The RAND HRS Longitudinal File 2020 is a user-friendly file containing data from all waves of the HRS Core and Exit interviews in addition to derived variables covering a large range of topics such as demographics, health, health insurance, Social Security, pensions, family structure, retirement plans, expectations, and employment history, as well as imputations for income, assets, and medical expenditures.

  • The RAND HRS Detailed Imputations File 2020 contains the component and ownership variables for all waves that are used in the income, wealth, and medical expenditures summary measures found in the RAND HRS Longitudinal File. It is distributed as a companion file to the RAND HRS Longitudinal File, and is especially useful for those who require more detail than that found in the RAND HRS Longitudinal File.

  • The RAND HRS Exit/Post-Exit Interview and Finder Files 2018 The RAND HRS Exit/Post-Exit Interview data files merge all the raw variables from each Respondent-level questionnaire section to create a single Respondent-level dataset for each wave. The files include all Respondents from both the Exit and Post-Exit Interviews. However, the same person never has both an Exit Interview and a Post-Exit Interview in the same year, so the file does not contain multiple occurrences of the same person. The RAND HRS Exit/Post-Exit Finder File was created to facilitate combining information from Exit and Post-Exit Interviews and to identify which survey years the Exit and Post-Exit Interviews occurred.