2020 Summer Workshop: Introduction to the Health and Retirement Study-UPDATE

June 8-12, 2020
Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques

Updated Information Now Available.

The Health and Retirement Study Summer Workshop is intended to give participants an introduction to the study that will enable them to use the data for research. HRS is a large-scale longitudinal study with more than 20 years of data on the labor force participation and health transitions that individuals undergo toward the end of their work lives and in the years that follow.

The 5-day workshop will be online, each day beginning with live videoconference lectures delivered by HRS co-investigators and content area experts on basic survey content, sample design, weighting, and restricted data files. Data workshops will follow in which participants learn to work with the data including the user-friendly RAND version of the HRS data and the Gateway to Global Aging project data, which harmonizes data across HRS international sister studies.

The data training portion assumes some familiarity with SAS or STATA.

Cost and Access

The cost of the 5-day course is $500. The maximum number of participants this year is 20. Participants must have access to a laptop or PC. We will provide a remote desktop connection to allow participants to access the course materials and SAS and Stata. We will contact all registered students with more details on computing in late May.


For more information, or to register, visit the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques website. Look for the course called Introduction to the Health and Retirement Study.


For additional information, please contact Amanda Sonnega at asonnega@umich.edu.