2023 Summer Workshop: Introduction to the Health and Retirement Study

June 5-9, 2023
Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques

The Health and Retirement Study June workshop is intended to give participants an introduction to the study that will enable them to get started using the data for research. HRS is a large-scale longitudinal study with more than 20 years of data on the labor force participation and health transitions that individuals undergo toward the end of their work lives and in the years that follow. The workshop is now being offered at two levels: introductory and advanced/intermediate. The June workshop will be taught at the introductory level and is intended for users who have little to no experience using HRS data. The advanced/intermediate workshop will be offered each year in December. Please email the instructor if you have any questions about which course is appropriate for you.

The June workshop is offered online. Content lectures delivered by HRS co-investigators and content area experts on basic survey content, sample design, weighting, and restricted data files will be available on the course website for viewing ahead of time. During the week of the workshop, each content lecturer will participate in a Zoom meeting with the class to answer questions about their lecture. The majority of each day will be devoted to data labs in which participants will gain experience using the data, with a strong focus on introductory data management and simple data analysis.

The data lab portion assumes some familiarity with Stata. We will provide a temporary site license for Stata and an introductory Stata training module that participants can complete ahead of the workshop to be well prepared. The programming code for the labs will also be provided in SAS.

Cost and Access

The cost of the 5-day course is $550. Participants must have access to a laptop or PC. We will contact all registered students with more details on computing in late May.


For more information, or to register, visit the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques website. Look for the course called Introduction to the Health and Retirement Study.


For course related questions, please contact Amanda Sonnega at asonnega@umich.edu. For questions related to registration, please use the contact form on the Summer Institute page.