8th Annual Genomics for Social Scientists Workshop

Researchers from the University of Michigan invite you to apply to the 8th annual Genomics for Social Scientists workshop, to be held in-person June 10-14, 2024 at the University of Michigan. The purpose of this NIA-sponsored workshop is to familiarize researchers with genetic data and provide hands-on training on incorporating genetic information into social science analyses. Using both live lecture and lab formats, participants will use tutorial versions of the Health and Retirement Study core survey data and genetic data files. The week-long workshop will offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration among attendees and project feedback from University of Michigan investigators and course instructors.

For more information on the workshop and details on how to apply, please visit: https://genomicsworkshop.isr.umich.edu/genomics

Applications are due January 22, 2024.

Please email genomicsworkshop@umich.edu with any questions