Cognition Data in the Health and Retirement Study

December 5-7, 2022
Amanda Sonnega

Cognition Data in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) is a 3-day online (Zoom) workshop intended to give participants an overview of the cognition data resources in the HRS. In addition to presentations on data in the core and ADAMS, there will be a special focus on the Harmonized Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP). HCAP was designed by the HRS team in consultation with several of its international partner studies to provide a flexible but comparable instrument for measuring cognitive function among older adults in the HRS and in studies around the world.

Content lectures delivered by HRS co-investigators and content area experts will cover a range of topics including a survey of the full set of cognition measurement in the HRS, cognition data from the HRS core survey that can be used to create a classification of dementia status, data on biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease, HCAP protocol content and administration, statistical harmonization of cognition measures across HCAP studies, and cross-national comparison cognition research. Data labs will focus on the HRS cognition data for longitudinal analysis, the Langa-Weir and Giantassio-Power dementia scores, and the Gateway to Global Aging project data, which harmonizes HCAP data across the international studies.

The course is designed for those with experience using HRS data or for those who have taken the introductory HRS workshop. The data training portion assumes some familiarity with SAS or STATA.

The cost of the workshop is $350. Registration can be found here.