New Online RDA System to launch November 7th

Introducing a New Online Way to Apply for and Manage Restricted Data Agreements (RDA)

On November 7th, HRS will launch a new online system to submit Restricted Data Agreement (RDA) applications and modifications with web pages to view your RDA information. This will replace the current process for submitting applications and modifications by email.

New RDA Applications:

Applications for new RDAs can be submitted by email until October 15th. After this, applications must be submitted via the new online system starting November 7th.

Existing RDAs:

To continue to manage your existing RDA, you (or an administrative representative) must register as an RDA Administrator. After registration, there will be a delay while your RDA is configured for online access. Register before October 15th to facilitate having your RDA online access available by November 7th. Please note that RDA renewal applications are required to be submitted 30 days before your scheduled expiration date. To ensure no interruption in your access, please be sure to follow this guideline.

If you are a Restricted Data user on a research project, but are not a Principal Investigator or administrator of an RDA, no action is required at this time.

Important Dates:

  • The current process for submitting RDA applications and modifications by email will end on October 15th at 5 PM (ET)

  • No applications or modification submissions will be accepted between October 16th and November 6th

Please note that we have a new email address,, for submission of requests to import and export materials from the enclave. Please use this email address going forward for any import and export requests, and do not email any HRS staff member directly.


If you have any questions, email