Post-Application Activities

Modifying Your Agreement

Here we summarize actions you need to take if you have any of the following changes. Remember to reference the RDA number assigned to the original agreement in all e-mail correspondence.

Changes to the research plan

Action: Send an e-mail with a copy of the modified document with proposed changes flagged to

Change of research team members

Member leaves the project:

Action: complete User Termination Form send an e-mail to and enclave access will be closed for that member.

Add a new team member:

Action: complete a Data Security Plan, a signed Confidentiality Agreement, a signed Acceptable Use Policy, and a signed ISR Confidentiality Pledge and e-mail to indicating that you wish to add a new project team member.

Member changes institutions:

Action: complete a new Data Security Plan for the new location and e-mail to indicating that the team member has relocated including the new address and contact information.

Request additional data for the original project

Action: Complete a new Restricted Data Order Form and e-mail to indicating that a new product is required and how it will be used in the context of the existing project.

Add a new project to your existing agreement

Once you have a restricted data agreement in place, you may add a new project at any time.

Action: complete a new project proposal including a list of study team members who will require access, with associated IRB approval and Restricted Data Order Form and send an e-mail to indicating that you wish to add a new project to your agreement.

Annual Renewal

You will need to renew your agreement annually on the anniversary of the approval of your access to restricted data. Within 30 calendar days of the anniversary, send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • A short report describing how the restricted data have been used including citations for any papers, publications or presentations using the restricted data, and why continued access is necessary.
  • A description of any changes or modifications to your approved research plan, data security plan(s), or project team members, providing additional documentation as instructed above under "Modifying Your Agreement."

Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions.

Terminating Your Agreement

When you no longer wish to access the restricted data, please e-mail indicating you wish to terminate your agreement, referencing the RDA number.


To help ensure the security of the restricted data and to prevent breaches of respondent confidentiality, HRS may conduct an audit. The audit process involves an unannounced site inspection of the work site(s) by an independent investigator, who will seek to verify compliance with the user's restricted data security plan. Violations will be the subject of further investigation and may result in withdrawal of data access, among other possible penalties.